1.75 Ac Prime land Adibatla


Mangalpally - Adibatla, Telangana


Total Investment


Min Investment

Closing Date: 2009-01-09
Status: Complete
Expected Target: 20X in 10yrs


This dynamic property is situated in a multifaceted location, near to TATA Aerospace. It is only a few kilometres away from ORR, decreasing travel time to and from the airport. The planned magnificent city has been designated as a Multipurpose Zone.
“Adibatla and surrounding areas would be desirable places in the near future,” KTR says in an interview with The Telangana Times.
Adibatla is showing signs of promising growth in IT, Aerospace, and Defense Hubs. TCS has already begun operations along the aforementioned lines. Furthermore, large-scale Aero Space projects are in operation. The government has allocated lands in Eliminedu village near Adibatla, Ibrahimpatnam for AeroSpace Projects, as well as 1000 acres near Ibrahimpatnam for Defense Projects, making Adibatla and Ibrahimpatnam desirable investment destinations.

Key Investment Highlights

  • Positioned near TCS Aerospace and so prospective commercial property expansion
  • Close proximity from Hyderabad ORR.
  • Tata Lockheed Martin Aerostructures, an aerospace firm, is placed adjacent.
  • In a new master plan, the Telangana government recommended a 100-foot road that will boost this area. Land prices would surge when Hyderabad's new master plan is announced.
  • Owing of its exponential potentialities and developing tendencies, it has been designated as a Multipurpose Zone.
  • Wipro has opened a manufacturing facility in Maheshwaram, making it a promising employment generator.
  • Close proximity to the city's busiest areas, hardware park, e-city, and scientific city.