Plush Farmstead Moinabad


Tolkatta Moinabad Hyderabad


Total Investment


Min Investment

Closing Date: 2021-08-22
Status: Complete
Expected Target: 100% in 1 Year


This farmland, located in the tranquil suburbs of Moinabad, is the ideal spot to relax in the midst of lush vegetation rich with fruits and vegetables. The property is 19 acres in size. An amenities center is located in the heart of the fields, where the owners enjoy entertaining their friends and family. The main reason we’ve invested is that there is a high chance of increasing asset value by 3x in a couple of years. Secondly, the place where everyone is looking to spend free time and finally With GO-111 revoked, Hyderabad developers eye real estate boom

Key Investment Highlights

  • Construction work for 4-Lane NH-63 from ORR Appa Junction to Mannegudda has been approved and work has been started.
  • Located within close proximity from Hyderabad 30 min drive from Outer Ring road
  • The urbanisation of city ensures that soon it has a bright prospect of becoming a residential or industrial township.
  • Promises to be an ideal place for the construction of farmhouses.
  • In two years, exponential growth promises a twofold in investment.
  • With GO-111 revoked, Hyderabad developers eye real estate boom
  • The government of Telangana has authorised a National Highway within close vicinity, reducing travel time.